Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Triathlon gear recommendations part 1: Swim

If you're a triathlete you know trying to figure out what tools you should get can be both confusing and expensive. Some gear & tools are a great investment, some are helpful only if you're beyond entry level & some you can skip altogether. 

Here's a guideline that I hope will help at least steer you in the right direction. This is part one, the swim, in a three part series.

(anyone who has never done a triathlon, or is on their first season. That's not an 'official' beginner label it's a guideline)
-Swim cap 
-Goggles (I like Aquasphere but any that fit well will do)
-Comfortable fitting swimsuit to train in; nothing that's loose. You can also swim in your tri top/bottom (more on that later)

-swim snorkel. This is strictly optional & isn't necessary if you're working with a swim coach. 

-Some kind of waterproof tracker like a Garmin to collect pace & stroke information
-Tempo trainer - I highly recommend getting a tempo trainer. You'll find it to be invaluable. 

Finis Tempo Trainer
-Fins short fins are better for triathlon training

Again these are strictly optional & in my opinion largely unnecessary. If you're working with a swim coach, they can give you recommendations if these are appropriate for your needs.  

Keep in mind using tools and gear can be helpful but you can also grow dependent on them. So if you do use them, sprinkle them into your training as only part of the swim session.

Lastly, if you're going to spend your money on something in triathlon, you're going to get - by far - the most of out hiring a swim coach. So if you're able to get even a few coaching sessions with a triathlon specific coach, it will be well worth the investment. 

Happy swimming!