Friday, May 16, 2014

Honolulu Triathlon training

The Honolulu Triathlon is Sunday. This is the race I've anticipated for 1 1/2yrs.
At paket pickup
Even though I've done dozens of triathlons this one is a big deal for me. A really big deal. I always said once we move to Hawaii my triathlon days are over, but I found I wasn't ready to let go just yet. I've spent so much time acclimating to the ocean & prepping for this event...  

But for several weeks now I've had a flare up of my chronic illness, causing my training to be quite difficult. Fatigue, breathing issues, etc (the list is long) & I've been struggling in training. Recovery from simple sessions isn't like it should be.  

I've been very upset because this much anticipated, much trained for triathlon is going to be extremely difficult, and I'm most likely going to suffer through, very slowly coming through the finish.  That scares me. 

It's hard to explain the disappointment that comes, not from being slow, but what illness takes from you. You do everything right, but it gets taken. Some of you know what I mean, and I'm sorry that you do.

I went to packet pickup today for the race, feeling doom & dread. Then I saw
My visor
that I got not only a little bag & cool t shirt but also a Headsweat visor. A visor!? I love those!

Now I'm feeling better about participating.  Things haven't changed, but I'm feeling better about it.  

The tank top
I even bought a tank top with the logo, which is a HUGE deal because the only time I've ever bought something at a race is for the 1st marathon I did.  I'm going to wear it plus my visor to train for the upcoming marathon & that makes me feel excited. 

I'm such an easy sell. The shirt usually is enough, but a VISOR too. Yeehaw!!!  

It's the little things in life that can make a difference.  My circumstances haven't changed, but I know I will have earned these little pieces of swag and for me, it makes me happy.

For this event my motto is this "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have" by Teddy Roosevelt.  I think that's a great quote to keep in mind, don't you? 

If you're ready to train for a triathlon, or any event let me know.  Remember, if I can do this, you can do this! - Written by Emily Collins, Owner & trainer Honolulu HI