Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jody's fitness progression

Jody's been working with me personally through our long distance training program.  We've been focusing on keeping her consistent with exercise & zeroing in on some areas of improvement with her nutrition.

This past session we really got some things worked out that I think are going to be great for Jody.

  • This Jody's 'off season.'  Since she just finished our Newbie Triathlon Program & is going to join our Beginner Half Marathon Program in October, she needs time to recover both physically & mentally.  Fun exercises to refresh her are on schedule!
  • We're scheduling in official rest weeks (every 4-6 weeks), even during this off season. 
  •  We're working on consistent grocery shopping for easy, healthy meals.  Jody knows she's not going to cook gourmet (who does?!) so we're working on stocking up on realistic recipes & making sure she's got the ingredients.  Healthy can indeed be quick & easy too!
It was great to have a conversation about Jody's real life areas of improvement.  I love that she's open & honest because that's when things get done.  Great job, Jody!